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Morphs loading screen.


This is a game where you train creatures called Morphs!

Discover the mystery of Morph Island. Begin your epic journey by choosing your pet and adventuring to find your missing father!

Raise and collect cute monsters, battle your friends in realtime, and watch as your Morph evolves based on how your train him!

  • Raise your pet Morph and watch him evolve and learn new attacks and abilities.
  • Feed and clean your pet to make it loyal and love you.
  • Battle your friends in REALTIME PVP.
  • Adventure to new parts of the island to find treasure and loot.
  • Play mini games to help your Morph grow more powerful!
  • Tons of Morphs to discover and show off to your friends!
  • Beautifully animated art so you can interact with your pet!


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Musical Composition by Walz Music