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The house with the arrow

Training can be done in the town every two hours. There is five training grounds each corresponding to different crystals obtainable within the game. Attack training and Defense training both yeilds Aether Crystal but only raise the stat of the corresponding training. All of the crystals gained will be consumed immediately.

Training are mini games in which successful attempts will fill up a gauge with three intervals. Each completed interval will yield a crystal at the end of the training.

You can practice within the two hour interval when training is prohibited, or just use the date and times settings Cheats. Filling the gauge completely will reward you with items.

If you train for prizes you have a chance of winning

5 coins 90% chance of winning watermelon

4% chance of winning

soap 4% chance of winning

crystal depending

on what door you opened.

1% chance of winning
Health Potion 1% chance of winning